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Which translates as 'shallow container

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In modern times, the care and growth of Bonsai trees is an extremely popular pastime that is practised worldwide, and gives pleasure to growing numbers.The Bonsai Tree


The bonsai tree is not 'just another house plant' and coffee paper cup lovers of Bonsai tradition need to have powers of patience and perseverance because it might take a good many years for a bonsai to really come into its own. In fact, the development and care of a bonsai tree is seen as a good form of meditation.


It is possible to grow bonsai trees from cuttings, but that is usually quite challenging and it could be a good idea for the complete beginner to buy a 'ready made' bonsai from a bonsai grower and carry on the good work that has already started.


How to start - the basics


With bonsai you are actually miniaturising nature. It is wound around the trunk of a sapling, so that the trunk can be bent into the required shape and style ( and there are many different styles). There is also some debate as to whether transferring trees to small pots for artistic purposes may have started in india. One thing is certain, though, given the time and attention, the end result is well worthwhile.




The name 'bonsai' is made up of two Japanese words, the first part, the word 'bon', which translates as 'shallow container', and the word 'sai' which means 'plant' or 'planting'


The art of bonsai was actually invented in china, but it is japan that has really devloped the art of bonsai for over a thousand years. These tools are small, sharp and often expensive, so think twice before making any rash purchases and it would be worthwhile to consult a good book on bonsai tree cultivation before making any expensive purchases.


The choice of pot or container is also vital as it must reflect the type of tree or plant you have chosen as well as the style of tree you want to cultivate. Copper wire is also usually used around the roots of a tree to anchor it into a shallow pot. Whatever you choose, the pot should not be glazed on the inside and must have good drainage.


There are a few vital tools and equipment that are vital to keep a bonsai tree..


Whichever is the true history, it is likely that the dramatic increase in popularity of Bonsai is linked with buddhism as zen buddhism promotes creating works of art as an essential extension of the self , and one's own spirituality.


Some popular choices of Bonsai are the Japanese Maple, Junipers, the Japanese Black Pine and Star Magnolias.


Copper wire is also essential. This is done by trimming the roots of a sapling.


Bonsai tools for trimming foliage and roots are obviously important

You can experiment with different container plant ideas and have fun

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You can experiment with different container plant ideas and have fun. The pot size must also be in accordance with the size of the place where it will be placed.

Herbs, vegetables, perennials etc. Another important thing amongst indoor garden ideas is sufficient holes in the pot for proper drainage.

For ensuring that you are surrounded by greenery throughout the year in your home you can opt for Guide from the following container plant ideas:

The size of the plant and the size of the pot should be compatible with each other. The color of the flower and the pot must suit the color of the site where they are placed. This can also be done with bold leaves, striking colors and a large container in between. If the deck on which the pot is to be placed is large, then you need to place big pot on it while if it is a small window sill small pots will look more attractive. Choosing evergreen plants and following certain design principles with respect to the size of plant and container can effectively make your garden more attractive.

A focal point must be created in the container plants having one large plant within a group of containers.5 times the width of the pot. By following some container plant tips you can make your container garden look more impressive and blooming. If the pot is simple, the plant needs to be flamboyant while if the pot itself is artistic and beautiful, a simple plant will also go well with it.

The color plays an important role in container plant ideas. You can also choooose contrast colors for an impact or can stay with one color in different shades for harmony and tranquility.

The only rule which you need to follow for a indoor gardenis that of giving the plants all that which they need to thrive.

The height of the flowers must not be more than twice the height of the pot and the width should not be more than 1. can be mixed for your indoor garden.veryoften in small city dwellings outdoor space is not available in every home, and indoor garden become the way of enjoying plants and flowers in such conditionscircumstances. Container coffee paper cup plants are creative and offer immediate gratification. If you do not like a garden of your idea you can recreate it as many times as you want up to your satisfaction. If the color of the pot or container is beautiful, make sure that they are not hidden by plants trailing on them

So why do dogs chew you may now wonder?

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Otherwise, next thing you know he will be chewing on your T shirt next time you leave it hanging around.they love that usually.It seems like dogs chew on everything doesn't it? Especially puppies.

Yes dogs seem to chew on everything except their little doggy toys.

If you have a puppy they often chew not only because of the reasons already listed but also because they are teething and just plain old curious.. For instance if don't want your dogs chewing on your clothing then don't give him a cloth toy to chew on. But if you understand what causes them to want to chew you can respond appropriately and reduce his interest in chewing up your house. You know the ones. They get all excited and get right to work on their puppy treats.. Let us not forget another important reason your dog may suddenly be chewing more: he could have sore gums and is trying to relieve the pressure.

So why do dogs chew you may now wonder? Dogs instinctively chew on things for a variety of reasons. You name it and they will chew on it whether it is old sneakers Disposable paper cup or new sneakers for that matter, your mattress and bedding, the coffee table and other furniture and let us not forget the wires and cords. If he chews on things when he is alone and bored it is probably due to the fact that the dog is experiencing some anxiety at being separated from you.

So what can you do to stop your dog from destroying your house by way of chewing? First try to figure out what may be the cause of his chewing. If your dog is feeling anxious he may start chewing.

Try frozen dog treats.behind your computer desk. Rawhide bones are another favorite chewer. It basically comes down to giving him what he considers some good chewing options. Dogs will also chew if they are hungry as it's the next best thing to eating.. You may try leaving something of yours with the dog that has your odor on it. Ever notice when you take out the old "vet cage" once your dog gets an eyeful of that he might start getting a bit anxious and start chewing..

Finally make sure you use cord covers to cover up your electrical cords as you don't want an electrocuted dog.. Hard rubber balls are another good one as they don't look like anything else in the house that the dog might get confused with.

For puppies you may want to simply give them some puppy toys to chew on. Usually this is accompanied by bad breath and chewing on one side. They wont know the difference. It could be your dogs mood even. Ever seen a dog say no to a bone? Not usually.

Humans are lucky, we have chewing gum but dogs have whatever they can find when they are bored. But beware not to give your puppy toys that look like other things in the house that you don't want him chewing on.and they will chew your cords.

.. If your dog feels lonely or bored he may start chewing just to pass the time

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